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As well as full displays we can also supply fireworks for you to create your own personal firework display for your party or wedding fireworks. You can be as imaginative as you want as we have a much wider choice of fireworks and rockets with larger stocks than most local suppliers.

All of our fireworks for public sale are tested to conform to British and EU Standards and carry full instructions.

We offer an extensive range of premium displays-in-a-box, not generally available elsewhere, plus our usual range of top-quality fireworks including multiple-firing cakes, rockets and roman candles. The premium pattern cakes are at the larger end of public sale fireworks offering the maximum spectacular.

Premium case descriptions and links to videos.

C and Z firing pattern a larger area of sky with comets or bombettes.

These and fan cakes need room at the sides of a firing site.

97 shots Get In! ~55 seconds 90
Sky filling fans Z to V to W
Get in! video
Get In! 

127 shots Hell Yeah! ~65 seconds 98
Sky filling fans Z to V to W
Hell Yeah! video
Hell Yeah 

Multi-shot Large Barrages Single Ignition

27 shot Whispering Charm 45 seconds  15

 Quieter with a fountain start - silver fish, falling leaves - strobe waterfall finale
Whispering Charm video
 Whispering barrage
36 shot Awakening Spirits  NEW 43
Awakening Spirits video

36 shot Ascension  NEW  43
Ascension video

40 shot Venom 35
Venom video

Awakening SpiritsAscensionKimbolton Venom
36 shot Gender Reveal  NEW 30
Quieter all pink or all blue comets, leaves and peony bursts.
Pink Coral Sea video

Blue Moon video

Blue Moon Gender RevealCoral Sea Gender Reveal
49 shot Razzle Dazzle 25

 Multiple effects, bombettes, comets, palms and strobes.
Razzle Dazzle video
                             Razzle Dazzle
49 shot Alchemy 58

 Multiple effects, bombettes, comets, palms and strobes.
green, pink&w.strobe, red&spider, silver&r.strobe, silver-crackling flowers finale.
Alchemy video
                             Alchemy barrage
 Lucifer's Revenge 50 seconds Loud  60   

50 vertical shots & mines 25mm tubes
Multi-coloured mines to multi coloured-bombards
and rapid-firing finale.
Lucifer's Revenge video
Lucifer's Revenge Cake 
56 shot Raging Vortex 1min with whistles 70   
30mm tubes
Whirls, spinners and crossettes
with whistles - red strobe finale.
Raging Vortex video
Raging Vortex Barrage
 62 shot Dancing Fireflies 50 seconds 84   

30mm tubes quieter effects.
Vertical firing colored comets to fireflies and falling leaves plus fans of strobing waterfall and red strobe comets.
Finishes with a fan of silver comets.
Dancing Fireflies video
Dancing Fireflys barrage
 88 shot Satans Polar Battle 22
Loud whistles, bangs, crackles and screeches 62 seconds.
Satans Polar Battle video
Satan's Polar Battle
 100 shot Howling Phantoms 40
Loud whistles, screechers and coloured bombettes
Howling Phantoms video
Howling Cake 
 NEW 2018
110 shot Screeching Vampires 60
Loud whistles and coloured stars
red to cracking bombs finale
Screeching Vampires video
Screeching Vampires Cake 
Apostles' Creed 118 V, W & fan shots 20/25/30mm  85
Comet tails, willows, waterfalls, whistles and falling leaves in an array of dazzling firing patterns.
Apostles video
Apostles' Creed 
Royal Fanfare 80 Z fan shots 30mm  ~ 1 minute 110

Deep multi-coloured mines (high noise) rising to vibrant red white and blue bombards with an intense dragon's eggs finale.
Royal Fanfare Video
Royal Fanfare 
27 shot Tangled Web 30 seconds £22
Vertical and V firing bombettes 6 different effects
Tangled Web Video
42 shot Absolution 40 seconds 38
Vertical firing bombettes 6 different effects
Absolution Video
Tangled WebAbsolution
49 shot Oceanic 1.5 minutes 62
Bombettes, willows and spiders.
  7 changes with a finale of 7 simultaneous bursts.
Oceanic Video
Oceanic Barrage
       NEW 2018
80 shot Celestial Magic 1.5 minutes 50
Bombettes of red, green, orange and silver strobing stars.
8 changes with a finale of 2x5 simultaneous bursts.

Celestial Video
Celestial Magic Strobes

66 shot Panther Pro 1minute  100
Centre firing rapid vertical volleys of bombettes with
alternating V-firing 10 different effects.
Panther Pro Video
                             NEW 2018
68 shot Couger Pro barrage with fanned tubes  70 seconds  105
Centre firing rapid vertical volleys of bombettes with
alternating fan-firing volleys. 8 different effects.
Couger Pro Video
Caged Couger
135 shot Flaming Lamborghini 1m 30s  90

Z sequences of comets, strobes and bombettes
with 15 changes.
Flaming Lamborghini Video
78 shot Momentum 1m 30s £75

Coloured comets to strobe and bombettes
Vertical firing and sky-filling fans Z to V to W
Silver crackling volley finale
Momentum Video
90 shot Caged Thunder Pro 1m 20s 95
Willows, strobes, bombettes and bangs
Caged Thunder Pro Video
Caged Thunder Pro
112 shot Caged Tiger unleashed 115
Rapid-firing 1m 15s very large bursts
Vertically firing bombettes to start with changes to sky-filling fan bursts of 5 red, white and green strobes.

Caged Tiger Video
Caged Tiger
 Agincourt 99 shot 2 minute Compound Display  130
Combination of three multi-shot barrages on a wood base with a single fuse to ignite. 21 shots mixed shape - 36 vertical shots - 42 shots finale in seven fans of 6.
 Agincourt video
NEW 2018/19  
Regal 131 shots 25 mm 100 seconds. 130

Pre-Fused Compound Cake.
100 seconds of entertainment from this new combination of 4 link-fused barrages with variations of firing pattern.
NEC 1554g
A stunning firework with many effects.
Regal video

Regal Compound CakeRegal inside

Other popular items.                                      Please email for the full list.

19 shot barrages 18 - many different types, bombette firing, cascading horsetails ~ 30 seconds
Example: 19 shot red glitter tails - red glitter peony bursts - loud bursts with a flourish of 3 to finish.
19 shot red glitter video
           25shot Cakes
Delta Ray       12    Video
Cosmic Dust   15    Video
Star Gazer      15    Video
Enigma           20    Video
Twilight Zone 25    Video
Delta RayCosmic DustStar GazerEnigmaTwilight Zone

                   Roman Candles

Large range of Roman candle barrages
Please email for the full list.

70 shots 4 types 25 seconds duration 18

 30 tubes x 10shot 4 types 30-35 seconds duration
Obelisk 32
Silver streamer comets with coloured tips
Monolith 35
Silver tail comets
Pinnacle 35
Brocade tail and blue
Sphinx 35
Blue and red stars
 Example video:-  Obelisk Roman Candle Barrage
Obelisk roman CandlesMonolith Roman CandlesPinnacle roman CandlesSphinx Roman Candles

Large Rockets

Kimbolton Vulcan Rockets (Best Chinese make)

Large Brimstone £18 each. 4 types

Brimstone Rockets

Brocade, Gold-silver crackle

Multicolour-strobe, Silver strobe.

Video:-   Brimstone Rockets

Large Proton £20 each. 2 effects 4 types

Proton Rockets

Purple/gold strobe, Multi-colour peony/white strobe

Red wave-green wave, Red wave and gold crackle

Video:-  Proton Rockets

 And the best, Raptor - German High Flash 1.3G rocket Low Stock
                     25 each

German Rockets

Large single burst (188g) and secondary effects - 5 types
Gold & Blue, Red, White & Blue
Green & Silver Willow, Glowworm
White Blinker

Raptor Video

Rocket multi-packs. Several types available.     Please email for full list.

Night Raider Rockets

Night Raiders Rockets video

Large Twin-burst Rockets  NEW 2019

Twin Burst Rockets

Twin Burst Rockets video

Cyclops Rocket Pack


Lucky wheel bar (silver and colours) £17  Out of stock


Fountain to an erruption of crackling dragon's eggs, coloured stars or whistles 6.50 3 types

Plotters' Keg (barrel shape) 30
Silver fountain to red bombette
silver dragons eggs
blue & orange bombettes/gold tails
green & violet bombettes/green glittering tails
Finale mine explosion with crackling glitter
            Plotters Keg 

Sparklers 16" large pack of 4 £1.50

Selection Boxes - ideal for younger audiences and adults will also enjoy.

Gold Selection BoxGold contents

Tungsten Selection Box 65 NEW
9 Larger items 1 each 25 shot, 22 shot 14 shot, 10 shot, 9 shot
2 x 10 ball Roman Candles 1 x Mine and 1 x multi effects fountain.
Tungsten Selection Tungsten items

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